The vertical motions of ocean and river surfaces have a tremendous influence on many aspects of our work. A diverse range of industries rely on accurate information of the ocean surface to accomplish their activities. These vary from offshore platforms to harbour management, ocean transport and wind farms.
Wave, tide and level data are crucial for safe working conditions, operational efficiency and durability of installations.


Offshore oil and gas platforms

Offshore wind parks and platforms

Harbour and coast water monitoring

Input to Met-Ocean systems

The WaveGuide Height & Tide accurately measures wave height and tide.

Mounted high above the water and without any moving parts there is no need for preventive maintenance or cleaning. (Re-) calibration is never required due to long term stable zero reference and constant sensitivity. The system is compact, robust and easy to install. It is equipped to measure wave heights and tides accurately, even in the most extreme conditions.

For wave height information, comparative studies have proven that the WaveGuide and Datawell’s Waverider perform equally well. The test shows no statistical difference in the height information from the buoy and from the WaveGuide radar:waveheightcomparison-1024x640



No maintenance

Easy installation

Suitable for all weather conditions

Low power consumption device

Explosion-proof certified (optional)

Excellent price/performance ratio

Key Specs

Wave height

Wave period

Water level / tide